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Hurricane Watch:
An announcement for a specific area that hurricane conditions pose a threat within 36 hours. Residents are cautioned to take stock of their preparedness needs, but, otherwise, are advised to continue normal activities.

Watch Tips:
Most radio stations and news related television stations will broadcast warnings and updates on the status of a hurricane, whether it is still a tropical storm, turning into a hurricane or if it is already formed, it's possible path

Hurricane Warning:
A warning issued by the National Hurricane Center for sustained winds of 64 mph or greater either predicted or occurring associated with a tropical cyclone

Hurricane Evacuation:
Hurricane evacuation routes for Orange County can be found here

Safe Room:
The safe room should be in the interior of the home, as close to the center as possible, and have no outside walls - including the wall to the garage - or windows.  The room should be large enough to store emergency supplies. Also, the more walls surrounding the safe room, the better. In two-story structures, experts recommend a location near the stairwell.


  • Water: 1 gallon daily per person for 3 to 7 days 

  • Food: At least enough for 3 to 7 days, mostly nonperishable, packaged or canned foods/juices 

  • Snacks 

  • Nonelectric can opener 

  • Cooking tools, fuel 

  • Paper plates, plastic utensils 

  • Blankets, pillows, etc. 

  • Clothing 

  • Rain gear 

  • Sturdy, broken in shoes 

  • First-aid kit, medicines, prescription drugs 

  • Toys, books, games 

  • Toiletries 

  • Flashlight, batteries 

  • Emergency radio (battery operated) 

  • Cash 

  • Keys 

  • Important documents in waterproof container 

  • Vehicle fuel tanks filled 

  • *Document all valuables on video if possible*


It is always a good idea to do an insurance check-up once a year, to be sure you have your contents properly insured. Brio Properties residents are required to carry renters insurance. This covers your belongings in case of an emergency or storm. They are not covered by insurance any other way. We suggest that you make copies of all your insurance documents and keep them with you in a waterproof bag.



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