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Florida is world renowned for its beautiful sunshine, but our weather can also include anywhere from an afternoon shower, lighting, tropical depression, tropical storm to a hurricane; Florida is no stranger to inclement weather. We want to give you some tips about what to do in the event of a possible impact of a major storm in the Orlando area.

Although we will do our best to make any repairs necessary as soon as possible, it is important that you participate in preparation around your home also.

It is always a good idea to make sure your renters insurance is in effect. We urge our residents to do so.  If you feel it necessary to leave the house, before or after a storm, you might take these papers with you. We do not provide any coverage for damage to your personal property.

In the event of an extended storm recovery, if you need to leave your house for several days, please let us know if possible.


  1. Please bring inside any loose items, including chairs, garbage cans, barbeque grills, small planters and anything else that can become airborne.

  2. Although some suggest taping up windows, others have concluded that it will not prevent windows from breaking.  If you choose to do this, please know that you will need to remove the tape and adhesive before you vacate the house.

  3. Turn off utilities if told to do so.  If not, turn your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting ahead of a hurricane in the event you lose power.

  4. Fill your tub with water for sanitary purposes, such as cleaning and flushing toilets.

  5. Make sure you have candles and/or flashlights in the event you lose power. 

  6. Make sure you have plenty of canned foods in case you are unable to cook, and a non-electric can opener is a good investment.

  7. Make sure you have an old fashioned phone that plugs into the wall with a cord. During the last hurricanes the cell towers were down and the landlines kept working.

  8. Keep up-to-date on the status of the storm by television, radio and/or internet. 

In the event you have damage to the house, please notify us as soon as possible.  Keep in mind that it is possible that cell phones and/or land lines may be out for several days following a storm.  In the event of roof or window damage, if you have a tarp or some other covering, please use that to prevent further damage.



Lee Nimkoff – (407) 405-3367 (
Lou Nimkoff – (407) 405-3368 (

We hope that you never need to use these tips, but we hope they help if you do.

Lee & Lou Nimkoff



(407) 405-3367

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